Kandos the brand; immediately gives you that delicious blend of piquancy and taste that just one bite would unmistakably send you on a taste trip you cannot resist. You’d take another bite and then you are hooked. How did this happen? Now we take you back 5000 years to the Mayans and their sweet invention. Every morsel of Kandos takes you back to that tradition; and its richness is now in reach with just the stretch of your hand. That’s not all the irresistible ray of the Kandos range of chocolate inventions will invade your taste buds and, who knows where it would end. If at all. Take a Kandos trip you’ll love it.

Upali Group Of Companies

Upali Group of companies is incorporated under the provisions of company’s act on 05th May 1962. The founding father of the Upali group of companies is Mr.Upali Philip Wijewardana. Presently, the organization is headed by Mrs. Lakmani Welgama (Chairperson), Mr. Nimal Welgama (Group Managing Director) along with the board of directors. The Upali group has enriched the local and South Asian community with a proud 58 years of service.

The subsidiary companies of Upali company portfolio include Ceylon Chocolates Ltd, Upali Food & Beverages (Pvt)Ltd, Upali Newspapers Ltd, Upali Trading Company , Upali Consumer Products (Ltd) and Upali Management Services Ltd.

Ceylon Chocolates Limited

Ceylon Chocolates Limited the subsidiary company of Upali group that birthed the Kandos brand takes its origins to 1962, and its inauguration in Kandy. The company was established with “the production of chocolates fixed as its main objective”. You might ask why Kandy? Simply put, mild weather fluctuations, and the environment just right for chocolate manufacturing, made Kandy the center for Ceylon chocolates limited, and its objective. More so, that cocoa, the main ingredient so essential for chocolate was available in close proximity to the manufacturing plant, that the decision to establish Kandos in the environs of the Central Province proved to be a good viable option.

The tract of land identified for construction of the manufacturing plant was Padiwatte, in the village area centered in Kundasale.

Funds to inaugurate the plant was a joint enterprise by the original Board of Kandos, Chairman, Sarath Wijesinghe, supported by Managing Director Dodwel Berenger, with Eardley Perera, with Ashley de Silva were the investors who were initially responsible to finance the project. They comprised the Board of Ceylon Chocolates limited at that time. Kandos was established in 1962. The manufacturing Plant was built by m/s Wallker and Greig, advised by Chocolatier from Germany Heinz Schaller.

Accolades Won By Ceylon Chocolates Limited

Ceylon chocolates limited was awarded the food and beverages quality award 2016, by the global trade leaders club. This organization commands international recognition, to award deserving businesses top line awards Ceylon Chocolates was one of them.


Kandos, the already recognized international brand, was featured in the 25th anniversary annual award ceremony at the NCE 2003. President NCE Ramal Jayasinghe said outstanding products could have NCE support, Kandos brand was included.


National productivity award was won by Kandos in 1993 and was a representative for Sri Lanka within membership of the Asian productivity organization.

Presidential Export Award 1993

The Presidential Export Award is the highest form of recognition given to an exporter for his contribution towards the export effort of the country. It is awarded by His Excellency the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka at a significant awards ceremony. Selections are based on multiple criteria giving an opportunity for all export enterprises both large and small to be eligible for an award. The Kandos brand was an outstanding addition to the export products.

NCE EXPORTS AWARD - 2003 : National Chamber Of Exporters Of Sri Lanka

The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE) which is the only private sector Chamber exclusively serving Sri Lankan exporters launched the revised application of the 25th anniversary annual export awards ceremony, which will be held on the 29th of September at Hilton Colombo. The President of the NCE Ramal Jasinghe in his address at the AGM stated that he will provide leadership to the Annual Export Awards, particularly as the forthcoming event marks 25 years of an unbroken, consistent, and yet a dynamic awards scheme which is probably unique in the country.

Kandos Steeped In Tradition An Ongoing Story Of Excellence

Kandos, its recognition for classy products is not merely a sine qua non for the Brand and its tradition but a recognized phenomenon in the realm of confectionery, not only in Sri Lanka, but its appeal is now a reputed trade name internationally.

Tradition, attention to detail relegated the product to be instantly shelf recognized as an outstanding chocolate unequaled for taste and excellence; that would quite automatically lure a consumer to ignore the competition and reach for the unmistakably delicious brand known as Kandos.